Meet Stewie, the real life version of the 'Longcat' meme

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Longcat, perhaps one of the most recognized "Lolcats" on the Internet, now has a real life equivalent.

A feline in Reno, Nevada, broke the Guinness World Record for longest domestic cat, measuring 48.5 inches, or a little more than 4 feet. That's about double the size of an average house cat.

Stewie is a 5-year-old Maine Coon, "the gentle giants" of the cat world, according to a comment about his breed by caretakers Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness.

The former record holder, also a Maine Coon, was beaten quite literally by a hair, with Stewie measuring just .5 inches longer.

On the flipside, Guinness also announced that Fizz Girl, a Munchkin Cat from California, is the world's smallest cat, measuring a whole 6 inches, pawing away the title from predecessor, Itse Bitse, a Himalayan/Siamese mix who measured 3.75 inches before going missing.

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Jonathan is a freelance writer and blogger residing in upstate New York.

Photo credit: Guinness World Records

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