14 June 2012

McDonald’s chef: ‘I don’t see anything on the menu that’s unhealthy’

Fast food giant McDonald’s has always been an easy target for those of us who eat a healthy, cruelty-free diet. So easy, in fact, it has become quite dull -- and frankly repetitious -- to bang the anti-Mickey D’s drum. But once in awhile a nugget -- no pun intended -- of brilliance escapes from the Quarter Pounder-hole of a big wig at the multi-billion dollar franchise.

While on a “goodwill” trip to Cleveland last week, McDonald’s senior director of culinary innovation (for real?) Chef Daniel Coudreaut said the following in regards to the nutritional value of the food served at his beloved workplace.

“I don’t see anything on the menu that’s unhealthy.”

Err, uhhh, err, say what?

After first getting over the shock that McDonald’s actually needs a classically trained chef, with a degree from the Culinary Institute of America, to devise a menu full of intricate dishes such as the hamburger, McChicken, and an assortment of wraps stuffed with meat, sauce and a few veggies, I browsed the company’s food selections in an attempt to possibly prove Mr. Coudreaut wrong.

It took 1 second.

The first item listed on the McDonald’s menu page is the Angus Bacon & Cheeseburger. The name alone exudes health and vitality doesn’t it? This little gem has 790 calories, 39 grams of fat (60 percent of your daily value), and 2070 mg of sodium (86% of your daily value).

Conversely, the only item on the grease-ladened menu that appears to actually be healthy is Fruit and Walnuts. Yeah there are a few salads but you know most of the poor veggies in those black plastic bowls will be drowned in an unhealthy dressing prior to being consumed.

So here's my suggestion.

Instead of indulging in unhealthy, and honestly poorly thought out, bad tasting food, learn how to cook.

Take the time to craft your own healthy home menu and then you can sincerely say, “I don’t see anything on my menu that is unhealthy.”

To read the Akron Beacon Journal’s article on Chef Daniel Coudreaut’s pro Mickey D’s comments, click here. It includes additional juicy tidbits, such as the chef admitting to taking his children to eat McDonald’s food once per week.

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