08 June 2012

Join Ke$ha and HSI: Protect sharks!

Shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy, is the cause of unnecessary death for tens of millions of sharks every year. Ke$ha and Humane Society International are trying to put an end to shark finning, and you can join them by taking the No Shark Fin Pledge.

See their video below for more information about shark finning and why it should be put to an end.

Madeline Heising | Blog
Boston, MA Madeline is studying Communications and Public Advocacy at Northeastern University. Going vegan on a whim in 2011 changed her entire lifestyle for the better. Her course of study, health and career intentions now revolve around plant-based living. All it took was one question ‘Why would you care more about what goes on your body than what goes in it?’ When she’s not in classes she works at Teavana and keeps up her own recipe blog. The only thing that makes her happier than talking about food is traveling, but it’s a pretty close tie.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/ourht