27 June 2012

Greenville, South Carolina dog for adoption: Lucky’s Charm

Greenville, South Carolina dog for adoption: Lucky’s Charm

Like so many of the dogs and cats that arrive at the CCA shelter, not much is known about Lucky. The only thing we know about him is that he was found wandering along the roadside. That’s it – we don’t know where he lived; we don’t know what his former home was like; and we especially don’t know what his former family was like. But judging from his mistrust of people, we figured that his home life couldn’t have been that good.

Lucky has made enormous strides during his stay at CCA. He’s become much more trusting of people, and he’s learned that not everyone is bad. But in spite of all the progress, Lucky would best thrive in an environment where he’d be the only pet and where there’d only be adults. Once he learns to trust you, he’ll never leave your side.

Lucky is an older guy, but he doesn’t need the help of a little leprechaun from a children’s breakfast cereal to show that he can trust again. He only needs you. To learn how Lucky can charm you, please call CCA at 864-243-4222.

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Greenville, SC Concerned Citizens for Animals (CCA) is a local, non-profit organization founded in 1980. CCA is dedicated to helping animals and educating the public about their humane treatment.

Photo credit: CCA