Conversations: Vegan meets a bacon loving 'light' eater in the produce section

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While I was walking in a local grocery store and holding a bag of Brussels sprouts, a man came up to me and striked up a very interesting conversation...

The man: Oh, I love Brussels sprouts!
Me: So do I.
The man: There's this awesome recipe for them. You soak the Brussels sprouts in chicken broth, then wrap them in bacon, then bake them with salt.
Me: *pause* Oh... uh, that's cool.
The man: I know, I was so excited! *salivating* Mmm-MMM a recipe with bacon that's also healthy!
Me: *nervous laugh* Healthy?
The man: Yeah, apparently it's cookin' light! Can you believe it?
Me: Ahh. No. No I can't...

I am truly horrified that society's version of "healthy" is soaking a perfectly nutritous vegetable in the juices of a chicken, then wrapping it the dried out, heavily salted stomach lining of a pig. But hey, it involves a Brussels sprout, so it's cooking light!

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

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