19 June 2012

Cody Simpson and his Dog 'Buddy' appear in Peta2 Ad

Australian pop sensation Cody Simpson has taken the United States by storm with his young talent and songs like “All Day,” “Don’t Cry Your Heart Out” and “On My Mind.” Next on Simpson’s to-do list is his new EP “Preview to Paradise.” But that’s not the only thing on Simpson’s mind.

He recently starred in a new peta2 ad calling for pet owners to take care of their pets by giving them love and attention. The ad’s message, “Make your animals’ life paradise,” is something Simpson acts out in his own life with his Maltese, Buddy, who appears in the ad alongside his celebrity owner.

In a recent interview in which Simpson addressed his involvement with peta2, the youth division of the largest animal rights organization in the word, PETA, Simpson explained what owners and animal lovers alike should do in case they ever see an animal in need of help. In line with the Never Be Silent movement, Simpson urged listeners to speak up for the animals who cannot speak for themselves.

“Never leave your hot dog in a car,” said Simpson. “It’s important to speak up if you ever come across a situation like that.”

Simpson has good reason for saying this. Did you know that on a 70-degree day the inside of your car can reach 120 degrees? Where does that leave your dog? Accidents like this happen far too frequently. Raising awareness of these accidents can help owners think twice before hurting their animals.

In addition to helping animals, Simpson is offering two signed peta2 T-shirts for any lucky winner of peta2’s contest. The contest ends July 16 and two winners will be announced and notified by July 23. Simpson’s next stop is a North American tour with Big Time Rush this summer. His debut studio album Paradise will hit stores in October. Simpson is joined by other celebrities, like Lea Michele, Jay Sean and Travy McCoy, to name a few, which support animal rights with peta2. Join the trend and start supporting animal rights today, and as Simpson says, “If you ever see animal abuse, please never be silent.”

Samantha Wood | @bostonu14 | Blog
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Photo credit: Peta2