19 June 2012

'350 Best Vegan Recipes' is the best vegan cookbook

Imagine you could only have one vegan cookbook. What would you want that cookbook to contain? Obviously, it would be good to cover the basics, like making your own almond milk, soy mayo, or veggie broth. It would be helpful if it covered the type of everyday foods vegans tend to eat, like baked tofu, black bean burgers, and hummus with pita chips. Maybe you’d want to learn to make your own pasta, tortillas, or breads. But you’d certainly want new, creative recipes for entertaining, special occasions, or just for a little variety. (Spicy adzuki futomaki with avocado and micro greens, anyone? Chardonnay, pumpkin, and parsnip soup? Or how about coconut panna cotta with mango ginger sauce?)

If I could only have one vegan cookbook, I’ve decided it would be Deb Roussou’s 350 Best Vegan Recipes. It’s a comprehensive source for all the basics, everyday fare, and special occasion delights a vegan cook could want. Plus it contains recipes for homemade staples in the sections “Vegan from Scratch," “Sauces, Dips and Spreads," and “Dressings and Spice Blends.” It’s the first vegan cookbook I can rely on as I did my pre-vegan favorites, such as The Joy of Cooking or Southern Living Cookbook.

No matter where you are in the spectrum of vegan cooks - from beginner to pro - you’re going to love 350 Best Vegan Recipes. Packed with easy-to-follow, supermarket-friendly recipes, this is a useful cookbook for new vegans or those flirting with a vegan diet. The tips and variations included on the recipes help make each recipe a success. The new takes on familiar favorites included make it a handy helper for those of us cooking for omnivores. And the more creative and unusual recipes make it an excellent book to grow with, and add appeal for long-time vegan cooks.

If I had one complaint, it’s that in the photo sections, several pages are wasted on things like soy milk, vegan mayo, and spice rubs. With only 24 pages of color photos interspersed among 350 recipes, it would’ve been more useful to see the end result of a few more of the exotic dishes than to see a photo of something I see in my kitchen every day. But that’s a small concern, weighed against the wealth of recipes.

Bottom line: 350 Best Vegan Recipes is my new favorite vegan cookbook, and I think it might become yours too.

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Photo credit: 350 Best Vegan Recipes