07 May 2012

Zico Chocolate: Health benefits of coconut water with an addictive chocolate taste

May I present: the vegan Yoo-Hoo.

If you haven’t already heard about and tasted the amazing benefits of coconut water, read this and then go drink this.

Competitive athletes and regular-exercisers alike rave about coconut water for its potassium content and natural refreshment. I enjoy drinking it after an especially juicy Bikram yoga class. But I’m currently obsessed with this magical stuff for a different reason: it comes in chocolate flavor. Genius.

Zico’s newest product has all the electrolytes and natural goodness of regular coconut water, along with coconut cream, cocoa, vanilla, cane sugar and carrageenan. The whole 14 fl oz bottle has 110 calories, 18 grams of sugar, and only 2 grams of fat. Hey, if you’re drinking it as a dessert, not bad.

While there are other tasty vegan chocolate drinks out there, Zico Chocolate is soy and gluten-free. It’s also light and watery from the coconut water base. I personally like its less-creamy, more-liquidy taste, although it might not quench your craving for a thick, chocolately shake.

One thing to add: Zico brand uses coconut water from concentrate, while Vita Coco does not. I think Vita Coco tastes slightly better, but all coconut water contains the same essential electrolytes. Plain coconut water is naturally pleasantly sweet, so it’s a great alternative to Gatorade and other sugary sports drinks that add calories, artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Mmm… chocolate electrolytes. Best post-workout treat ever.

Rachel Fryer | Email
Maryland A lifelong vegetarian and animal lover, Rachel Fryer enjoys writing, traveling, eating spicy food, drinking coconut water, reading historical fiction and sweating (she is also a Bikram yoga teacher). Rachel is excited to attend grad school for her Masters in English in Fall 2012 and to adopt a shelter dog in the near future.

Photo credit: Zico