10 May 2012

Photos from Farm Sanctuary's animal hospital ribbon-cutting cermony

Yesterday we posted an article about Farm Sanctuary's new animal hospital in Watkin's Glen, New York. The Melrose Small Animal Hospital will allow the farm animal protection organization to treat sick and injured rescue animals on site.

“For the lucky animals who make it to Farm Sanctuary, the Melrose Small Animal Hospital will be the first place they ever receive love, respect and individual veterinary care,” says Farm Sanctuary National Shelter Director Susie Coston. “Anyone who thinks factory farming isn’t a problem should come visit our shelters and tour our new hospital. Rescued animals typically arrive here in dreadful condition: starving, wounded, dehydrated, anemic, teeming with parasites, and always horribly frightened. It’s hard to see animals who are just a few months old suffering from heart disease and other ailments because they’ve been genetically engineered by the meat industry to grow bigger and faster than is natural.”

Special thanks to Farm Sanctuary for sharing pictures of the ribbon-cutting ceremony as well as rescued piglet, Franklin, and Susie Coston with rescued calf, Sonny.

photo credit: Lesley Marino

photo credit: Lesley Marino

photo credit: Lesley Marino

photo credit: Jo-Anne McArthur

photo credit: Farm Sanctuary

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