08 May 2012

Peace to All Creatures: A beautiful and inspiring zine

The newest issue of Peace to All Creatures - a lovely zine bound in hemp twine and full of vegan stories arrived in my mail box last week. From the beautiful color to the pages inside I found it very inspiring. From stories of the hard work and dedication in rescuing 50,000 egg laying hens (which happened only miles away from where I live) to how to make your own seed bombs -- this zine has something for every animal lover.

The story that touched me the most was Julia's story called The Vegan Activist Abroad. Julia talks about the struggles she has faced bringing veganisim to different countries and not giving up.

While, I do not plan on traveling anytime soon, I was pushed forward to put on a happy face when I was hosting this year's bake sale and not getting support from people in my community.

In the long run it does not matter how many people are behind you, it is the fact you are doing it.

Pick up a copy of the zine or a back issue today. All the money raised goes to help animals in need.

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Modesto, CA Kendy is on a mission to dispel the myth that vegans are bland like tofu straight out of the package. Vegan cosmetics, beauty products, crafting accessories and cruelty free fashion are her favorite things to talk about - when she is not talking about cats! She writes/runs her own zine The Stay At Home Girlfriend and has written for various indie magazines.

Photo credit: The Ginger Card Company