29 May 2012

I love this product!: Almond Breeze Almondmilk Coconutmilk

Soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, cashew milk, flax milk, coconut milk. The list of non-dairy milks is practically endless and all but the more exotic nut milks are fairly regular/and everyone seems to have their own favorite.

Personally, my favorite tends to change. When I first gave up meat I only drank soy milk; but then I discovered rice milk and only used that, then it was almond milk. Then coconut came out and I was all about that. But I’ve liked just about all the milk alternatives I’ve tried well enough, and often choose what I’ll buy based on what’s on sale that week. When it comes down to it I have to say my favorites are almond milk and coconut milk.

Lo and behold, the people at Blue Diamond have clearly been reading my mind because as I perused the shelves at my local Giant to choose my “milk” for the week I spotted this gem: an almond milk coconut milk blend. My two favorite non-dairy milks combined into one delicious milk? It wasn’t on sale, but I had to try it anyway.

So worth it. I bought the unsweetened original flavor (because that’s the only flavor I ever buy in any milk) and it’s absolutely my new favorite milk alternative. I really enjoy both milks separately, but together I loved them even more. When it comes to taste and texture, the coconut milk shines, making it creamier and mellows out the nuttiness of the almonds; the combination provides a balanced sweetness even without the extra sugar.

Nutritionally, the almond milk provides more calcium, 45 percent the recommended value which outstrips coconut milk on its own, and balances out the total fat to 3.5 grams and saturated fat to 1 gram, which for those looking at fat intake, is certainly better than the 5 grams of fat from coconut milk alone. As for price, it’s right where you’d expect it to be being an Almond Breeze product.

It may not be the milk I can afford every week, but it’s certainly one I’ll strive to buy as often as I can. For fans of almond milk and coconut milk, it’s the best of both worlds in both taste and nutrition.

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Waldorf, Maryland Jessica is a graduate of Western Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a minor in English. She adopted a plant-based diet seven years ago after making the connection between the food on her plate and the animals she loved; she went vegan four years later after an “aha!” moment while watching The Cove and hasn’t looked back. For her, veganism isn’t just about compassion, but has expanded to an obsessive interest in sustainable living, nutrition and holistic health. The only thing she enjoys more than talking about food is eating it, or talking about her bowtie-wearing cat.

Photo credit:  Almond Breeze