09 May 2012

Farm Sanctuary cuts the ribbon for new animal hospital

Recently, Farm Sanctuary cut the ribbon to their brand-new animal hospital in Watkins Glen, New York.

This state-of-the-art hospital will allow the organization to treat sick and injured farm animals on-site rather than being transported to veterinary hospitals, which can cause even more stress to the innocent creatures.

The animal hospital, Melrose Small Animal Hospital, was named in honor of a leadership gift from the Melrose family of Minnesota.

 “We are a nation of animal lovers who pride ourselves in taking care of the most vulnerable among us, yet we unwittingly allow farm animals, who are every bit as intelligent and emotional as dogs and cats, to be abused by the billions. Our food system is out of synch with our national values,” says Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder Gene Baur.

For the lucky animals (and the few, comparatively) who do make it out of the factory farm and food system alive, the Melrose Small Animal Hospital will be the first time they know love, let alone individual care and respect.

The hospital will treat starving, diseased, wounded and frightened chickens, turkeys, piglets, calves and goats who have been subject to genetic engineering and left in squalid conditions before they become America's food.

For more information on Farm Sanctuary and the new Melrose Small Animal Hospital, visit farmsanctuary.org.

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Colorado Kelly Beth is a clinical herbalist and vegan foodie. She lives deep in the mountains of Colorado with her fiancé, cat, and plants. She loves living as close to the land as possible and practicing self-sustainability, from growing her own food to wild crafting herbal medicine. Kelly Beth is the owner of twig & leaf botanicals, a vegan & organic botanical business that is also certified cruelty-free.

Photo credit: Jason Morrison