16 May 2012

Celebrities including Hayden Panettiere, Jared Leto and Bo Derek support WildAid at annual gala

What do Larry King, Hayden Panettiere, Jared Leto, Maggie Q., John Corbett, Kate Flannery and Bo Derek have in common? They all love animals and proved it by attending the Annual WildAid Gala in San Francisco on Friday.

WildAid is a wildlife conservation organization dedicated to ending the illegal trade of wildlife by reducing trade demand with public awareness campaigns and comprehensive marine protection. WildAid is unique in that it is the only organization focused on reducing the demand for endangered species products through the specific targeting of consumers using public service announcements and education initiatives.

Celebrities and athletes remain at the forefront of WildAid’s campaign. Some of WildAid’s most prominent ambassadors include Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Yao Ming, Kate Hudson, Jackie Chan, Carmelo Anthony, Ralph Fiennes and Sir Richard Branson.

WildAid features programs for sharks, tigers, elephants, rhinos, marine protection and climate. Because 25 percent of global emissions come from the United States, 90 percent of the world’s rhinos have been lost in the last 40 years and only 3,200 tigers remain in the wild, it is even more reason to get involved and sign the WildAid’s Global Petition for Wildlife.

In their most recent venture, WildAid teamed up with the African Wildlife Foundation to create a multimedia public awareness campaign in China, which is one of the countries with the largest rhino horn demand. The videos will educate people on the process of killing rhinos illegally and using their horns.

The public service announcements will feature prominent Asians in sports, business and entertainment. The animals affected by such horrible actions deserve the same freedom as the humans who hunt them. By joining forces with WildAid and other organizations of its kind, compassionate humans can stop the unfair treatment of their animal friends.

Samantha Wood | @bostonu14 | Blog
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Photo credit: Courtesy of WildAid and www.kevinmeynell.com