08 May 2012

Adopt-a-Pet launches 'Best Welcome Home Ever' YouTube campaign

Have you ever seen this video? Perhaps one of the most heartwarming and genuine greetings man will ever receive comes from none other than his companion animal. The loyalty that our beloved animals possess each and every day is a quality that can’t be replicated.

To showcase loyal animals everywhere, Adopt-a-Pet.com is sponsoring a YouTube campaign titled "Best Welcome Home Ever," where animal lovers will be able to submit videos of their very own loyal companion as well as view other entertaining homecoming videos.

Co-Founder of Adopt-a-Pet.com, David Meyer said “Whether you’ve returned from a long day at work or just a short trip to the supermarket, the sheer joy that a pet gives his or her owner when they walk back through the door is just so affirming, We hope that others find inspiration in these greetings and will look to their local shelter or rescue group to adopt their own furry welcoming committee into their lives.”

Adopt-a-Pet.com is North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, and provides free listings to 11,500 shelters nationwide.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this campaign is that a number of “welcome homes” will be selected to appear in their public service announcement. If you would like to participate, and display your furry friends best welcome home, submit your video to www.bestwelcomehomeever.com.

Ashley Shamus | Email
Northeast Pennsylvania Ashley has a psychology degree, and is soaking up tons of knowledge while furthering her education. She has a passion for holistic nutrition, animal rights, and green vegetables. In her free time, she loves to cook, juice, and bask in the sun. She whole heartedly applauds and appreciates all of the wonderful people who strive to make a positive difference in animals’ lives!

Photo credit: Adopt-a-Pet