06 April 2012

You'll flip your (reusable) lid for GreenPaxx's new 'Cool' products

Did you know that caps and lids were the third most frequently collected debris items during coastal clean-up in 2010, with almost 900,000 collected?

Or that almost half a million straws were collected from our shorelines? Cindy Slansky did, and she decided to do something about it. Cindy founded GreenPaxx and designed three eco-friendly, family-safe products: Cool Cap, Sealed Cool Cap, and Cool Straw.

The Cool Cap and Sealed Cool Cap are reusable lids, designed to fit nearly any cup - from a drinking glass to a coffee mug, or even a Mason jar. The Cool Cap has an opening for the Cool Straw -- a wide straw in two parts that snap apart for easy cleaning.

All three products are non-toxic, dishwasher safe, and because they're made of 100% food-grade silicone, they don't conduct heat or cold. If you want to reduce your eco-impact by declining lids and straws for your takeout coffee or iced tea, or if you're clearing out all the BPA containing plastics from your home, the Cool line of products are a great choice.

They can also turn any cup in to a juice box or no-spill toddler cup, getting the plastic out of your children's drinks and cutting down waste. The Sealed Cool Cap is air-tight and makes great alternative to BPA-lined Mason jar lids, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil for storage. But the first thing I did with it was pop it on the glass I use for smoothies and turn it upside down. Then I gave it a good shake, just to be sure.

The lid stayed snug and my smoothie was safe. (If you've ever knocked over a full glass of smoothie in your fridge, you'll understand why this excited me.) I then tried both the sealed and unsealed cap on every kind of cup in my cabinet. I was hard-pressed to find one it didn't fit. (It didn't fit the wine glasses. For all the cups, glasses, mugs, and jars, it delivered as promised.)

Next, I tried out the straw. I had doubts about whether a straw in two parts would be able to maintain suction. But looking closely, I observed that it was designed with a tiny lip that forms a seal when snapped together. It maintains suction perfectly, allowing me to slurp up even the thickest smoothie happily.

Finally, I tested the claim that you could ball the straw up and carry it in your pocket, and it will snap right back into shape. This is also true. Actually, I curled the straw inside the Cool Cap, folded it in half, and stuffed the whole thing in the cell-phone pocket of my purse. It's so easy to carry with me, I'll never pollute the planet with a disposable lid or straw again. The Cool line of products can be purchased at GreenPaxx.com.

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