13 April 2012

Yelp for joy: Vegetarians inspire innovation on yelp

What is "Yelply Insights"? Well, you're about to find out -- and you have fellow vegetarians to thank! The popular user-fueled review site has developed a new feature that allows visitors to search for businesses that specific customer groups have rated favorably.

This new feature is a response to vegetarian complaints about searching with the key word “vegetarian,” which can lead to many veggie-friendly spots… but can also steer searchers down the wrong path. Search results such as "I'm so glad I'm not vegetarian, the bacon-wrapped filet mignon was great” are common occurrences.

Now, Yelpers can simply enter the words “Liked by vegetarians” (or vegans… or cyclists… or dancers…) into the search bar, and Yelp’s refined new “Insights” program scours the review database for common reviewer characteristics that reveal the top choices of each group.

According to the Yelp Official Blog, this new feature brings vegetarians (and other consumer groups) easier access to business and products they’ll love -- which in turn, can help bolster business for veggie-friendly restaurants and organizations. A win-win situation!

Danielle Snow | Facebook | blog
Chicago, IL Danielle is an avid eater who, after switching to vegetarianism, discovered a renewed passion for food in all its fascinating varieties. Currently living and studying in Chicago, she hopes to devote her life to travel, learning, and having haphazard adventures that she can write about afterward.

Photo credit: Yelp