24 April 2012

Vegans and tattoos: Plant fueled individuals expressing themselves with ink

Veganism seems to be shedding its reputation from earthy, crunchy, hippie folk to encompass more individuals with a different mindset. More and more people are getting tattooed; vegans seem to be in the loop as well. Shows like NY Ink and Best Ink fuel the fire for self exploration through body art. While both shows are not vegan driven you will see stories behind their tattoos that you can relate to.

Tattoos represent stories, either ones that are told or ones being lived. Roni Seabury has the word "vegan" tattooed on her wrist and says "Veganism is the single most important thing to me in all aspects of the word and I want to express that in my tattoo."

Daniela also has the word "vegan" tattooed on her back that began as a simple piece but blossomed.  Jen Fosnight is still contemplating her perfect vegan tattoo "my next tattoo will be my 'vegan' tattoo for sure, not only with the ink, but the subject matter as well!" Yes, that is right when getting tattooed you need to worry about pesky animal ingredients!

For Staci her tattoos are a map of her life "Not all of my pieces are happy but all are important things that I choose to remember through art -- my body art is a map of where I'm from, where I've been, who I am."

I could not agree more! When deciding if you want a tattoo think about more than just the design, being impulsive with something so permanent is not wise. Find inspiration, find a good artist (you may have to try a dozen before finding the right one) and set a date. You may be a person that gets one tattoo or your first tattoo may inspire you to get more.

My first tattoo was to mark my sister's life after she died unexpectedly and it took me years to get. Over the years I have gotten a mix of everything and still want more. I do not have any strait up vegan tattoos per se but tattoos related to my vegan lifestyle. I got a slice of pizza tattooed on my ankle on National Vegan Pizza Day that joined a few of my other fave foods that have been inked on me. I also have my cat Mar's portrait on my right arm - he is why I hold bake sales and help out kitties in need.

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Modesto, CA Kendy is on a mission to dispel the myth that vegans are bland like tofu straight out of the package. Vegan cosmetics, beauty products, crafting accessories and cruelty free fashion are her favorite things to talk about - when she is not talking about cats! She writes/runs her own zine The Stay At Home Girlfriend and has written for various indie magazines.

Photo credit: Kendy