21 April 2012

Subway incorporates salad bowl made of 95% recycled materials

For several years now, Subway has made conscious efforts to "go green", by effectively implementing eco-conscious practices and products. Some examples include water conservation, reducing waste, and improving energy efficiency.

The company's latest sustainable improvement includes the addition of a 95% recycled salad bowl and lid set. What is the big deal about this? Well, using the new design alone will prevent 2.62 million pounds of plastic from making its way into the landfills. That is equivalant to 500,000 gallons of petroleum which is used to make the bowls.

The post-consumer recycled (PCR) salad bowls and lids are largely recreated from plastic water and soda bottles.

Subway's marketing director Elizabeth Stewart said, "We have made a commitment to look at everything with an eye towards taking the steps necessary to make positive, sustainable changes. We are excited to be able to provide one salad bowl and lid made from two recycled bottles. This is one step where we have come almost full-circle in our sustainability efforts."

Subway paired up with Pactiv of Lake Forest, Illinois, to create the new bowls.

"Using recycled materials, and reducing the amount of new virgin plastic, allows us to create a more sustainable product that works just as well as its predecessor," said Michael Fox, packaging technologist for Subway." And we are able to do this without increasing costs. This is something we are all very excited about."

Making changes within the company isn't the only sustainable action that Subway is taking. They've recently teamed up with The Nature Conservancy to help promote Picnic for the Planet this Earth Day (April 22). The purpose of this event is a world record attempt to host as many picnics as possible within a 24 hour period as an effort to raise awareness and get people active in "leaving a mark on the planet."

So grab your Subway (veggie, of course), 25 of your closest friends and get your picnic on!
To find out how you can leave your own mark, click here.

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Photo credit: Subway