18 April 2012

'Quinoa Cusine' isn't strictly a vegan cookbook but offers many plant-based options

Ah, the super seed. Quinoa, essential for any vegan hoping to maintain excellent health, as well impress her family and friends with tasty dishes that promise to stand the test of time. If you haven’t been using quinoa in your weekly repertoire of simple, yet delicious vegan fare, I strongly recommend adding it to your grocery list, and checking out Quinoa Cuisine.

Now, I would be remise if I didn’t start by telling you that this is not a vegan cookbook, and although that would usually mean I wouldn’t buy it, or review it for that matter, and although I do personally struggle with the promotion of any material that recommends and encourages animal-based meals, it is worth noting that there are numerous vegan and vegetarian friendly recipes, and many that are not, can be easily converted using vegan substitutes. The truth is, these ladies know their quinoa. And since protein, calcium, iron, fiber, potassium and vitamins B and E are absolutely essential in order to maintain a healthy and balanced vegan diet, I think it is worth perusing.

The book is broken down and organized by season, which is a lovely way to incorporate seasonal ingredients, produce and locally grown food into your diet as well. And there are helpful icons at the top of each recipe that make it super easy to find the perfect meal for you and your family. All in all, a really great foundation for building your arsenal of quinoa dishes, those of which we simply can’t have enough.

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New York Erica is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, Karuna For Animals: Compassion In Action, Inc. A long time vegetarian turned passionate vegan, she works tirelessly to educate others on the countless benefits of adopting a vegan diet. She currently holds a BS in Psychology with a concentration in Animal Behavior and an MFA in Creative Writing. Along with her work in animal advocacy, Erica works as an editorial assistant, freelance writer, certified and registered yoga instructor, nutritional counselor and health coach. She lives with her veg husband and their four rescued animal companions.

Photo credit: Quinoa Cuisine