05 April 2012

New Facebook application aims to promote local pet adoption

Saving the lives of animals just gets easier and easier. Thanks to PetSmart Charities and Adopt-a-Pet.com, showcasing local pet adoption information can be done with just a click on Facebook. All users need to do is add the “Share a Pic, Save a Pet” application to their profiles, which will hopefully raise awareness of the nearly eight million homeless pets that live in the United States.

The Facebook application allows users to lend their profiles to animals in need, to showcase and promote the pictures of local pets as well as their adoption information. Who can resist looking at adoption information when they see it pop up, especially if they are animal lovers like you?

The goal here is to get animal lovers to continue to spread the word, and hopefully it will get pets into their forever homes. All it takes is a click.

To use “Share a Pic, Save a Pet,” go to http://apps.facebook.com/shareapic-saveapet/ and enter your zip code. Choose up to ten adoptable cats or dogs that you wish to showcase on your profile. With the help of Adopt-a-Pet.com, “Share a Pic, Save a Pet” is automatically enabled and the photos and adoption information will be added to your Facebook profile. Links to the animal shelters and animal-welfare organizations will be shared on your Facebook timeline, and sent to your friends’ newsfeeds.

To learn more about Adopt-a-Pet.com, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, please visit http://www.adoptapet.com/. Adopt-a-Pet.com displays photos and descriptions of adoptable pets and helps over 11,000 animal shelters, humane societies, pet rescue groups, SPCAs, and pet adoption agencies to get the word out about adoptable pets.

PetSmart Charities, Inc. is the largest funder of animal-welfare efforts in North America, and has provided over $165 million in grants and programs that benefit animal-welfare organizations. They have also helped save the lives of nearly five million pets through their in-store adoption program. For more information on PetSmart Charities, please visit http://www.petsmartcharities.org/, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Most importantly, do your part on Facebook and spread the word. Add the “Share a Pic, Save a Pet” application and start sharing those adorable and irresistible photos of adoptable pets today.

Alexandra Beane | Facebook | Twitter
Minnesota Alexandra is a lover of all animals, but has a soft spot for especially dogs and rabbits. She believes that life is not complete without an animal to love. Alexandra is highly passionate about animals and animal rights, and wants to raise awareness of the cruelty that many animals suffer in the best way she knows how, and this is by written word. Alexandra is a recent graduate of Metropolitan State University in Minnesota, with a degree in Professional Writing and a minor in Creative Writing. She absolutely loves to write news and creative nonfiction, and obsesses over spelling and grammar.

Photo credit: PetSmart charities