30 April 2012

Looks can kill: Why and where you should buy cruelty-free vegan cosmetics

Millions of helpless animals are killed each year for unnecessary cosmetic testing. Yeah, you read that right.

Testing cosmetics on animals is completely unnecessary and not required by the FDA, or any regulatory agency for that matter. In fact, there are countless alternative methods that have been proven far more reliable.

These innocent creatures are completely conscious while put through such cruel testing as the Draize test, where corrosive substances are placed in their eyes to determine damage to sensitive eye tissues. This painful test can sometimes result in rabbits breaking their necks or backs while trying to escape the restraints.

The LD (lethal Dosage) tests are done to determine the amount of a substance that will kill a predetermined ratio of animals. They are forced to ingest poisonous substances through stomach tubes, vapor spray inhalers, or injection until half of them die.

Animal’s reactions to this test often include convulsions, vomiting, paralysis, and bleeding from the eyes, nose, or mouth. It’s absurd that this kind of suffering and torture is afflicted in the name of beauty. These tests do not measure human health hazards, but merely determine how toxic the substance is to the type of animal it was tested on.

 Not only are the alternative testing methods, such as the use of cell and skin tissue cultures, more reliable they are also less expensive. So why do these inhumane testing methods still continue? Fear of job loss for industry technicians accounts for it in part. It’s also a slimy way to evade liability in the event of a lawsuit for a corporations legal department.

We can all help put an end to this by putting our money where our mouth is. Use your dollar as your vote by spending your hard earned cash on cruelty-free beauty products. There are an abundance of products out there if you know where to look. Luckily, I’ve done the legwork for you and have compiled a list to get you started. So commit right now to putting your best face forward and taking the cruelty out of beauty.

Rockeresque Beauty Co. is committed to creating exclusively high quality, cruelty free vegan cosmetics. They are affordable and offer a wide range of eye shadow shades with wicked names such as little lamb, teardrop, and my favourite, zombie ballerina. Unleash your inner rockstar at: www.rockeresque.com.

Arbonne products are vegan-certified. They are never tested on animals and do not contain animal derived ingredients or animal by-products. On top of that their personal care products are formulated without parabens, formaldehyde donating preservatives, benzene, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalate, toluene, and PABA. So you can rest easy knowing the gorgeous glow their breathable foundation gives is both cruelty free and chemical free. Go to www.arbonne.com to get your glow.

Urban Decay is one of my favourites. It is not exclusively vegan, but offers a ton of fun and flirty products with an edge for their vegan friends. They believe you can have a killer look without killing or harming an animal. They mark their products for their consumers so look out for Marley’s paw print, which certifies a product to be vegan, PETA’S cruelty-free bunny logo, which assures customers they don’t use or condone animal tests, and the leaping bunny logo, which shows the company has committed to the corporate standard of compassion for animals. It is a voluntary pledge that companies make not to test on animals during any stage of product development and the companies’ ingredient suppliers make the same pledge, resulting in a guarantee the product is 100% free of animal testing. They are also continuously converting cosmetics where quality will not be compromised to 100% vegan ingredients. Urban Decay products are available in Sephora stores, as well as on their site: www.urbandecay.com.

Tarte Cosmetics has a selection of products on their site that are certified by PETA to be cruelty free and vegan. Look out for such celeb-worthy items as glam gams bronzing leg stick and rising star limited edition palette. Get your gorgeously manicured hands on them at: www.tartecosmetics.com.

 If ever in doubt about an item when shopping, just dig out PETA’s cruelty-free shopping guide from your purse to help you find humane products in three shakes of a lamb’s tail. You can request your copy here: www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/order-cruelty-free-shopping-guide.aspx.

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Toronto, Canada Jessica is a Toronto based actress who has been working in film, television, and theatre for the past seven years. She has recently taken a leap of faith and co-founded Empty Suitcase Theatre, a company that strives to produce shows that put strong women front and centre. She is a proud Canadian, vegan, and crazy cat lady.

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