25 April 2012

Food Revolution Summit brings together influential vegans for free online discussions

Trailblazing author of Diet for a New America and longtime vegan advocate John Robbins has assembled a virtual "Who's Who" of the veg movement for an 8-day online parley of ideas dubbed the "Food Revolution Summit," after his 2001 book The Food Revolution.

Beginning April 28, 2012, the Food Revolution Summit offers free public online access to interviews conducted by Robbins with more than 20 plant-based diet and animal rights luminaries such as Dr. Neal Barnard (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. (The China Study), Frances Moore-Lappe (Diet for a Small Planet), Gene Baur (Farm Sanctuary), Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease), Congressman Dennis Kucinich and his wife Elizabeth, and Kathy Freston (The Lean).

Continuing until May 5th, the Summit is co-hosted by John Robbins' son Ocean Robbins -- himself a food activist for 20 years -- and will feature three daily interviews from 8 am to 10 am and replaying nightly from 7 pm to 9 pm. The smorgasbord of vegan-friendly topics discussed will include the science of a healthy (vegan) diet, the environmental impacts of factory farming, concerns about GMOs in our food, the role of activism in promoting changes in diet and food policy, and the spiritual implications of a compassionate and Earth-friendly approach to eating.

Amazingly, access to these interviews is free to the public, although registration is required. As proclaimed on the Summit's website, the Robbins have an ambitious goal, to share "the most cutting-edge information, startling facts, and inspirational wisdom that will heal you and have you celebrating life!"

Don't miss this rare opportunity to share the wisdom of some of today's most influential veg voices. Learn more today about the Food Revolution Summit by visiting http://foodrevolution.org and and at http://facebook.com/foodrevolutionsummit.

Gillian Schiller
Massachusetts Gillian is a native Texan and mom of two daughters and one rescued hound living in suburban New England. Despite growing up in cattle country, she began her vegetarian journey at age 16 after reading Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, and now is a proud and joyful vegan. She enjoys creative cooking and learning as much as she can about animals and the remarkable people who fight for them everyday. One day she dreams of founding an animal sanctuary with special focus on donkeys. In her spare time she works as an insurance adjuster.

Photo credit: The Food Revolution Summit