25 April 2012

Chelsea Handler asks Mayor Bloomberg to stop horse abuse in NYC

Chelsea Handler is mainly known for her wild sense of humor and crude jokes, but she is also working to make the world a better place. Handler is working with non-profit animal welfare group NYCLASS in an effort to end horse abuse in New York City. The comedienne and talk show host is asking citizens to co-sign her letter to Michael Bloomberg asking the mayor to replace horse-drawn carriages.

Handler hopes to end horse abuse while also making Central Park a cleaner place with new, eco-friendly cars -- that will resemble turn-of-the-century vehicles --  that will replace the horse-drawn carriages. This will provide a cleaner environment for people, promote tourism and also keep horses out of harm’s way.

Now, it wouldn't be Chelsea if she didn’t slip a joke into the situation. Handler explained in her letter, “as if they weren't fabulous enough, they (the cars) also get a 10 - 12 hour drive on just one charge -- even my vibrator doesn't do that.” Hopefully Mayor Bloomberg is a Chelsea Handler fan.

So, instead of abusing and exhausting horses as they pull people around for hours and hours, there is a safer alternative. Everyone should take a few seconds to sign the petition, which will encourage other areas where horse-drawn carriages are used, to make the same changes.

Handler contributed by helping to pay for the building of the new cars, and after signing the petition, you will also be given the opportunity to make a donation. However, simply signing the petition and showing your support is a great way to help and I hope that everyone will take a moment out of their day to sign.

Visit http://action.stophorseabuse.com/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=8481 to stand with Chelsea Handler and ask Mayor Michael Bloomberg to end horse abuse in NYC!

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Photo credit: NYCLASS