13 April 2012

Carrie Underwood, vegan and loving it

Recently Carrie Underwood switched from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet after noticing positive changes in a close friend of hers.

She told ABC News Radio,“(It was) like something had happened in her life. There was some switch flipped. Something was up. Her skin was glowing. Her eyes were gorgeous. Like, her body was amazing.Something had happened, and I was like, ‘What are you doing? I need to know. The world needs to know.’ And she said, ‘I went vegan.’”

In Carrie's interview with Self Magazine she states, "I love eating and talking about food. I've been a vegetarian for seven years. But after seeing a friend who looked amazing and had recently gone vegan, I thought, What's holding me back?"

Underwood also gives Self Magazine a run down of her favorite foods, "I do a stir-fry with precut veggies. I like broccoli, carrots, broccoli slaw, fake chicken and onions. I eat it with brown rice and season it with Bragg Liquid Aminos, then I'm good to go. It's a lot of food but not a lot of fat or calories." (visit Self Magazine for the full interview)

The former American Idol winner says she loves her vegan diet, and feels much better after cutting out fatty foods.

Keep an eye out for Carrie's new album, Blown Away, set to release on May 1.

Laeticia Butler | @Vegwritingmomma | Facebook | Blog
Baltimore, MD After suffering with health issues for two years, Laeticia became a vegan and was able to go from barely walking to running half marathons. She became well aware of the cruelty to animals through research during her life change. In doing so, Laeticia discovered a newfound love and respect for animals and works hard to teach her son why we don't eat them. She is currently training for her first marathon. One of Laeticia's goals as a writer and blogger is to help motivate others to living a healthier lifestyle through a healthy diet and fitness.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/thedietstartsmonday