26 April 2012

Burger King to go cage and gestation crate free

Burger King Corp. announced its plan today to eliminate the use of battery cages for egg-laying hens, and gestation crates which are used to confine breeding pigs.

The Humane Society of the United States applauds Burger King Corp. for its new policy to use 100 percent cage-free eggs at all U.S. locations within five years. Pork suppliers will also be required to document plans to end their use of gestation crates.

"Burger King Corp. continues to set the standard," said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. "These changes by Burger King Corp. will improve life for countless farm animals and encourage other companies to abide by animal welfare principles up and down their supply chain."

This announcement culminates from Burger King Corp.'s work on this issue over the last five years, when they first began the transition to cage free products after discussions with The HSUS in 2007.

"Through our BK Positive Steps corporate responsibility program, we continue to leverage our purchasing power to ensure the appropriate and proper treatment of animals by our vendors and suppliers," said Jonathan Fitzpatrick, chief brand and operations office, Burger King Corp. "We are proud to announce these new, industry-leading commitments that support meaningful standards of humane treatment in our U.S.supply chain."

Burger King Corp. operates over 12,500 locations worldwide.

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