09 March 2012

Vegan Photography: Salad with cruelty-free ranch dressing

The photo above features spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes and vegan ranch. I know that new vegans often crave the foods they ate prior to transitioning such as ranch dressing. Vegans can substitute with vegan ranch a beautiful simple creation that fulfills the needs of many without hurting a soul.

Ashley Paige
Michigan Ashley Paige is a student at Grand Valley State University and is studying Photography and Advertising with a minor in Business. Her life changed in early November when she was awakened to the abusive world around her. Nothing makes Ashley happier than cooking things that she knows don’t require the abuse of animals that she loves most. She started blogging about photography and animal welfare. Ashley rapidly grew followers as she announced her life-style change and the obstacles she is overcoming to rid the terrible things in this world. She makes her life about her passion to speak for those who cannot.

Photo credit: Ashley