TDIV Q&A: I know you shouldn’t buy dogs in a pet store but what about fish?

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For starters, consider that buying anything from a pet store means forking over your hard-earned cash to a corporation that thrives on and perpetuates animal cruelty.

On the other hand, assuming there’s a shortage of no-kill fish shelters in your town, your only alternative to buying a pet store fish is going down to the river and catching one yourself -- and removing an animal from his natural habitat and imprisoning him in a tiny bowl is arguably worse than buying one who was born in captivity.

Ultimately, I would ask yourself why you want a fish in the first place. Will you be improving each other’s quality of life in any significant way, and sharing a loving relationship? Or do you just want it in your house as a decoration?

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Hudson, NY Johanna, a vegan for five years, makes music under the moniker Sticklips. She lives in Hudson, New York with her cat Moon Baby.

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