20 March 2012

Ricky Gervais says no to animal testing

I have always liked Ricky Gervais -- from his stand-up comedy to his show The Office, and his times hosting the Golden Globes. I enjoy edgy comedians who push the envelope a bit, and he surely does. Okay, a few of his movies were a bit ropey, but I will forgive him. I mean really, Ghost Town was fairly painful to watch. But, I forgive him.

What is not forgivable, and what is also quite painful to watch, think about, see, whatever, is how many animals are tested on every year for cosmetics. I tried finding an accurate number on how many animals are tested on, particularly for cosmetics -- and guess what? You really cannot find an accurate number, other than it is perhaps in the millions for how many animals are tested on worldwide, for medical reasons as well as for cosmetics. So I cannot really say how many rabbits, rats, dogs, and other animals each year are forced to be tortured to see if some new cosmetic product is safe for human use.

I do not think that is very nice, and neither does Ricky Gervais. Mr. Gervais has created Cruelty- Free International, in the hopes of getting laws created and passed that eliminate the use of animal testing when it comes to cosmetics.

Here is an adorable video of Ricky with a bunny buddy, discussing this.

Frankly, there is no need for animal testing for cosmetics, in-fact in the United States there is not even a law calling for animal testing for cosmetics. The FDA “urges cosmetic manufacturers to conduct whatever tests are appropriate to establish that their cosmetics are safe." There is no language stating that animal testing is necessary. That makes it ever the more tragic.

I think if you are foolish enough to put something in your eye or eat something you should not, well that is your own foolish doing, no? Why does some rabbit have to go through torture just because you decided to put make up into your eyeball or swallow something that through common sense you should not have? Why must animals be tortured for human vanity?

I am quite glad Ricky Gervais agrees,and sees the uselessness and barbarity of animal testing, and if you agree, and feel inclined you can donate to http://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org.

Terence Pratt | Blog | @TPPratt
New England Terence is an animal rights advocate and vegan who lives in New England.He loves cooking, books, science,movies, indie pop, and napping.He prefers bow ties to ties, and may in-fact be the only vegan who does not really enjoy kale.

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