26 March 2012

Review: The Vegg promises to be 'The World's First Vegan Fried Egg'

Unless you have been living under a tofu block you probably have heard about the new vegan egg substitute product, The Vegg. The product promises to be "The World's First Vegan Fried Egg." I have to admit when I first saw an ad or mention about the Vegg I was pretty excited to try it. Then their website appeared, teasing me even more with images of recipes they had created using the Vegg. I had to try it -- so I did.

First, I should probably admit that I am not the biggest tofu scramble fan. There has always been something about it that never really appealed to me. Okay, I know what it is: I am not all that enamored by tofu. I know, I know, I know -- that is highly blasphemous of me, being a vegan. Well, I do not mind tofu, if it is marinated, fried, battered, etc.

So, for me tofu scramble was kinda just blah, despite all the other fantastic ingredients it may include. The Vegg changes this attitude for me, in a big way. I always liked scrambled eggs, just hated where they came from.One bite into my tofu scramble I made using the Vegg and all those years of disliking tofu scrambles blew away in a cloud of dust. I was sold. Some may actually be alarmed by how close it is to real scrambled eggs, actually.

So, the Vegg is already a winner for me. A big winner.

But, what about other uses? What about something as simple as an egg-wash for breads, rolls, pie crusts, etc? I made a Ratatouille pot pie, using the Vegg in the crust as well as a wash to test this out Again, a big

I then tried making a simple egg noodle using the Vegg. They really reminded me of the real thing, even though it has been well over a decade since I had eaten egg noodles. Once again, success!

I have yet to make a fried egg with The Vegg, but I plan to. I can't wait to get my gastronomical nerd on and make some Vegg egg yolks using calcium chloride.My inner mad scientist looks forward to this.

The ingredients of the Vegg are pretty simple, and I am now hitting my head against my desk for not thinking of it myself years ago. I would have been hailed as a vegan culinary genius! Alas, someone else did, and so I will have to keep my day job -- for now.

Anyway, if you purchase the Vegg, 10 percent of the proceeds goes to Compassion Over Killing, so that will make your vegg scrambled tofu taste even better.

Terence Pratt | Blog | @TPPratt
New England Terence is an animal rights advocate and vegan who lives in New England.He loves cooking, books, science,movies, indie pop, and napping.He prefers bow ties to ties, and may in-fact be the only vegan who does not really enjoy kale.

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