15 March 2012

Finally a hairspray free of synthetic chemicals and animal compounds

Have you ever been to the store to buy hairspray, checked the ingredients to make sure it’s vegan-friendly, and been confronted with synthetic chemicals and animal compounds of all different sorts? The amount of stearic acid, cysteine, formaldehyde, PVP/VA, and animal derived fats and proteins in hair products can make your head spin.

Surface hairspray is completely vegan, organic, and only made with sustainable ingredients. Unlike many hairsprays, Surface does not contain animal protein. While making the compassionate choice for animals, the hairspray also lacks the controversial, synthetic chemical parabens found in most beauty products, which, in
some studies, has been linked with health problems such as breast cancer.

“We are committed to providing superior professional products that respect personal health and the earth,” says Wayne Grund, creator of Surface and salon owner.

The organic oils and botanical extracts in Surface keep hair shiny, without the added grease, friz, and stiffness. The healthy hairspray is also packed with minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Copper, Ceramide 3, and Vitamins A,C, and E to promote hair growth and condition.

Go to surfacehair.com for more information and where to buy.

Upstate, SC Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: Screen capture Disclaimer: A sample was sent for evaluation by Surface