28 February 2012

Must follow social media for vegans

The trick to getting over meat is following and learning from a lot of inspirational people! Sometimes being vegetarian or vegan means feeling like you are all alone. But thanks to the world of social media this is no longer true. There are many awesome people to follow to get your fix on the latest veggie news.

Here are a few to get you started!

All Around Vegans

Eco-Vegan Gal
Twitter- @ecovegangal

Lindsay Wolf
Twitter -@KissMeImVegan

Girlie Girl Army

The Discerning Brute

Kris Carr

The Wellness Warrior

The Healthy Voyager

Fitness and Sports

Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness

Twitter- @robertcheeke

Brendan Brazier


Vegan Muscle and Fitness

Carpenter Trade (Vegan baseball gloves)

Cooking and more!

The Vegan Zombie

Twitter @theveganzombie

Sarah Kramer

Twitter @govegandotnet

Obsessive Confection Disorder
Twitter- @ocdsweets

The Vegan Dad

Movies and Movie Stars

Alicia Silverstone
The Kind Life
Twitter- @AliciaSilv


Twitter- @Vegucated

Forks Over Knives

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead


Vegan Cuts

Time to Veg Out

Vegan Coupons

And don't forget to follow TDIV on Twitter and Facebook!

Katie Orlando | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Atlanta, GA Katie is a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, specializing in Plant Based Nutrition. Katie enjoys pairing up a good workout with some fun adventure like rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking and more. She is always eager to learn more and help those around her become better educated about wellness.

Photo credit: TDIV (Facebook and Twitter)