07 February 2012

Abuse documented at Oklahoma pig farm that supplies Walmart

The Humane Society of the United States released undercover video shot in 2011 of abuse that took place at two Oklahoma pig breeding facilities. The videos were shot at Seaboard Foods and Prestage Farms, both located in Goodwell, Okla. Seaboard Foods is the third largest U.S. pork supplier and a supplier of Walmart. Prestage Farms is the fifth largest U.S. pork supplier.

The video documents animals suffering from cramped gestation crates and some at the hands of the abusive workers. The video also shows lame pigs, pigs with ears and noses torn, pigs with abscesses and ripped genitals, and some sickened by "greasy pig disease" not given veterinarian treatment. The video also documents the abuse that urine and feces filled gestation crates cause, confinement so cramped the female pig is not able to even turn around her entire life. Footage shows workers cutting off genitals and tails without the use of pain killers and injured legs duct taped to the pigs bodies.

HSUS has filed legal complaints against both Seaboard Foods and Prestage Farms, claiming they use false and misleading statements about their animal care. Complaints were filed with the FTC urging Seaboard Foods to stop misleading shareholders.

You can take action here. Tell Seaboard Foods and Prestage Farms to end the use of cruel gestation crates now.

John Himmelberger | Blog | Facebook| @johnhimm
Maryland John lives in Maryland where he works as a sales manager. John and his wife Eileen’s pursuit to achieve optimum health combined with a desire to send a strong message to factory farming, inspired them to examine what they put into their bodies. Now a vegan, John has great admiration for groups like Farm Sanctuary and hopes to influence others by sharing his positive experiences.

Photo credit: Screen capture