11 January 2012

Youtube videos take a humorous look at the stuff vegans say

Vegans say the darndest things!

By now you are probably familiar with the popular Youtube video, "Sh*t Vegans Say," created by Ari Solomon. How many of these statements sound familiar?

And because we vegans always have plenty to say, Ari created a second video. You may think the winds are changing, but no that's just the force from vegans around the world, nodding and laughing in unison.

Even my meat-eating friends have told me, "Oh my gosh, I've totally heard YOU say these things before!"

Thank you, Ari, for showing that vegans have a sense of humor.

You can follow Ari on twitter: http://twitter.com/veganari

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Tampa Bay, FL Amanda stopped eating meat in 1995, the moment she learned what meat was: dead animals. She was 11 years old. Her passion for vegetarianism and animals grew as she did and she eventually went vegan in 2004. Amanda blogs at Hungry Vegan Traveler, posting about vegan eats she encounters everywhere she goes, near and far. Amanda currently resides in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. She works full-time with at-risk youth and is also an active volunteer for animal and human causes.

Photo credit: video capture