17 January 2012

Youtube sensations: Stuff meat eaters say part one and two

Whether you've been vegan for a few weeks, several years, or your entire life, we've all heard some pretty outrageous things when meat-eaters first learn that we don't eat animal products. As with the "Sh*t Vegans Say," videos, let's all nod our heads along with this, "Shit Meat-Eaters Say," as we've all heard all of these before.

And because vegans really and truly hear it ALL from non-vegans, there's a part two:

Thank you, John Sakars, for compiling all of these questions and comments into one place, and making them funny to hear, for a change!

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Tampa Bay, FL Amanda stopped eating meat in 1995, the moment she learned what meat was: dead animals. She was 11 years old. Her passion for vegetarianism and animals grew as she did and she eventually went vegan in 2004. Amanda blogs at Hungry Vegan Traveler, posting about vegan eats she encounters everywhere she goes, near and far. Amanda currently resides in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. She works full-time with at-risk youth and is also an active volunteer for animal and human causes.

Photo credit: Screen capture