13 January 2012

VIDEO: 'Stuff' Meat Eaters Say to Vegans

After seeing "Sh*t Vegans Say" (and similar hilarious-and-true videos following the "Sh*t Girls Say" model), I decided to jump on the meme wagon with my new video: "Sh*t Meat Eaters Say to Vegans."

It's not just me, right? What other sh*t do you always hear from meat eaters? Tell us on Facebook.

Meghan Joyce | Facebook | @MeghanTheVeghan | Blog
Santa Barbara, CA Meghan has been a vegan for almost a year and blogs about it at meghantheveghan.blogspot.com. She's a PhD student in musicology, an opera singer, and a yoga enthusiast who loves eating and loves the world. Follow her eating adventures on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo credit: video screen capture