05 January 2012

Lola Lollipop Comic Strip: Gross, that veggie bacon tastes nothing like real bacon

Lara Matthews | @lola_lollipop | Facebook | Website
Chicago, IL Lara Matthews is the creator of the Lola Lollipop comic strip, a comic strip about vegetarianism, veganism, healthy eating, and animals. Lara grew up in Maine where she ate all things meat and an eclectic medley of fast food. Many years later, her compassion for animals that were not sushi led her to become pescatarian (eating only fish). While compiling her book, Lola Lollipop: Animals Are Evil, she was eventually inspired to go vegan. Lara lives in Chicago and graciously thanks all of the makers of vegan ice cream alternatives.

Photo credit: Lola Lollipop