30 January 2012

Donations sought for vegan cooking show

I’m the new kid on the block at Vegan Mainstream and I’m relatively new to eating a plant-based diet but I do have a history as a viewer of cooking shows on TV.

I like to think I’ve progressed a bit from where I started too. Admittedly I’ve watched Paula Deen, Rachel Ray and just about anyone else on Food Network. I quickly moved on from there and started educating myself about our local food systems, food choices and the impact my decisions have on my health.

Enter the quest to become plant strong! For me it started with two cookbooks: The Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn and The Happy Herbivore by Lindsay Nixon. I was even able to talk my college-aged son and his girlfriend to tag along with me to see the movie, Forks Over Knives. It hasn’t been easy for a Georgia girl to reinvent all those great southern meals I’ve grown to love. But I am determined!

One thing I’ve noticed as severely lacking is vegan-cooking shows on TV. What I’ve found is that not only are there not very many healthy options but that there are even fewer vegan options. Looking for easy, simple, affordable alternatives has proven to be a futile effort.

But it seems there may be hope. Delicious TV and Vegan Mainstream have kicked off a crowd funding campaign on Indie GoGo to help raise funds to cover production and post-production costs for a new show, Vegan Mashup.

Delicious TV is developing a six-episode season of Vegan Mashup, a 30-minute show that will feature 3 well-known vegan chefs and 1 guest mystery chef each episode. Terry Hope Romero, Toni Fiore and Miyoko Schinner will be featured in their kitchens covering cooking topics from holiday meals to eating on a budget. I can’t wait to see what they will teach me!

The show’s producer, Betsy Carson, also produced the highly successful show, Totally Vegetarian. I’m thrilled to have a chance to work on this project with Delicious TV and Vegan Mainstream but we need your help!

We are asking for community and fan support to make this show happen. With just 9 days left of the campaign we are almost to the halfway point of our goal. Donations start at just $10 and each level has perks for you! Check out the site and see what you can do to help.

I’m hoping by reaching out you will not only become a donor but also share this opportunity with your friends and family. Post it on Facebook, Tweet it, blog about us….whatever you can think of to be a part of the launch for the show that can bring the benefits of a plant-based diet to so many people.

You can donate and learn more about the program HERE.

Happy Cooking!

Post by Maria Klouda of Vegan Mainstream

Photo credit: Screen capture