16 January 2012

'Dallas' star Larry Hagman goes vegan to battle cancer

Larry Hagman, Dallas’ own J.R. Ewing, wasn’t able to sidestep his most recent figurative cancer “bullet,” but with a new vegan nutritional plan and the help of his manager, he feels he will once again defy the chronic disease he battled earlier in his life. Hagman is no stranger to cancer after having had a liver transplant in 1985 originally because of cirrhosis but also because a cancerous tumor was embedded in the organ.

‘“I figure with the liver transplant and now this and other things in my past, like accidents, I have used up seven of my nine lives,” Hagman, 80, said recently in an interview with the Daily Mail.

His main sustenance every day is freshly juiced fruits and vegetables with small amounts of vegan protein powder. He lifts light weights and stretches every morning to round out his “treatment plan."

“I have this wonderful personal chef who sources and stocks all my organic produce and I basically live on five smoothies a day. I’m totally vegan. I blend this green concoction with kale, cucumber, broccoli, string beans, avocado. My protein comes from protein powder. There is absolutely no milk, butter, cheese,” Hagman said.

He won’t disclose the type of cancer or any specifics of his treatment but says he is very “positive” that he will triumph and find complete remission from his condition. He is currently in Dallas to film 10 new episodes of the popular 80’s series, Dallas, which will air in the UK this summer. On the show, Hagman will be reunited with popular cast members Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) and Patrick Duffy (Bobby). New to the cast this year will be Desperate Housewives Jesse Metcalfe whom Hagman hopes will bring a bit of sex appeal to the storyline.

“My outcome looks very positive. It’s my firm intention to whop cancer into submission and I truly believe I’ve given myself the best start possible by radically overhauling my diet and by staying true to my motto, which is: Don’t worry, be happy, feel good,” he said.

Hagman is hoping the new show, which is aimed at appealing to an audience that did not grow up with the original J.R. Ewing, will be a hit and ultimately picked up as a series this year. Regardless, he remains upbeat and happy that he feels so great with his new diet and has a second chance at health.

“Once I have the all-clear and the insurance company is happy, I will probably talk about it,’ he says. ‘This is the first interview I’ve given since my diagnosis and mostly it’s because I want people to know I’m doing grand.”

Kathryn Lorusso | O'Neill 365 | Twitter | Blog
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