19 January 2012

ALF strikes arson fire at California farm

Activists from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) -- an underground, direct action animal rights group -- claimed responsibility for an arson fire that heavily damaged 14 tractors and several cattle trailers at Harris Farms in Fresno County, California.

Harris Farms CEO and Chairman John Harris said the company was "appalled" by the "senseless attack."

A statement by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, which has no direct dealings with the ALF, writes that "containers of accelerant were placed beneath a row of 14 trucks with 4 digital timers used to light four of the containers and kerosene-soaked rope carrying the fire to the other 10. We were extremely pleased to see that all 14 trucks ‘were a total loss.’"

The ALF writes on their website that their overall goal is to "effectively allocate resources (time and money) to end the "property" status of nonhuman animals."

Jonathan Reynolds
New York Jonathan is a freelance writer and blogger residing in upstate New York.

Photo credit: ogcorndog