12 December 2011

What do you think about people who purport to be vegan but 'cheat?'

TDIV Q&A: What do you think about people who purport to be vegan but behind the scenes they "cheat?"

Nobody likes “cheaters.” Even cheaters don’t like other cheaters, despite being part of the package themselves.

There are however, several types of “cheaters,” such as the “hard-wired” ones, whose selfishness, gluttony and lack of empathy would override all other senses of compassion and of living in harmony with nature. Then there are the plain hypocrites. But whichever trait from the above a human being would possess, still he strides and yearns for acceptance and belonging and will try to get them by all means necessary such as “cheating” if he must!

However veganism is not about impressing each other, but about awareness, respect for all forms of life, physical health and emotional balance; it is a lifestyle.

Intentionally I am left with, what I would call the third category of “cheaters” who unlike the above two, honestly strive to live a fully vegan life, but in fact they are battling an “addiction” without being aware of it, perhaps.

Meat is addictive! Intoxication feels good, just like a glass of wine, but it is the withdrawal effect that nobody likes. I remember reading about the toxic metabolites found in animal products, which once consumed, would create the “hangover” feeling, while their accumulative effect would cause the diseases we are all familiar with.

To this effect, George D Pamplona-Roger, M.D. in his book “Foods That Heal” says, “Hypoxanthine and other similar substances, such as inosinic acid and guanylic acid, are present in meat. They have a chemical structure similar to that of caffeine in coffee or the theobromine in cocoa, with similar effects. They are central nervous system stimulants. They are addictive.”

Very few of us had the “luxury” to have been born into a vegan family. Cultures and family traditions conditioned us into believing that meat, dairy and eggs are good for us, notwithstanding the marketing and advertising campaigns constantly encouraging such indulgence.

The majority of us vegans, went through all the stages of “knowing” and ultimately making the decision and exercising our right of choice of doing NO HARM.

When we fully own the whole process the animal went through before becoming the meal on our plates, “that meal” will naturally become distasteful and the addiction would no longer have a hold on us. Just visualize the whole process, be aware and not in denial!

Surely no addiction or false pretenses could ever be stronger than our awakened soul to the utmost suffering and ultimate butchering of millions of animals each and every day for just a “plate of toxins!” Think about it, next time you “cheat!”

Marietta Alfaro
Marietta's passion: animals; Her heroes: those who put their own lives on line to save others; Her lifestyle: vegan; Marietta's dream: animal rights-equal rights to life!

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/vykrasivy