21 December 2011

Ten last minute ideas for vegan Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming so it’s the time to think about vegan gifts. If you need some help, I’m here for that…and I want to tell you a secret: if you just look around, you'll find there are a lot of vegan gifts. For example in winter my favorite fruits are oranges and clementines -- with that you can homemade the first vegan gift:

1) Citrus sea salt for body scrub. It’s easy -- you need only 1 cup sea salt, zest from 3 clementines and zest from 2 lemons or oranges. Mix the salt with zest and spread evenly on baking sheet. Place the mixture in the oven at 225 degress for 2 hours and store in decorated jars.

2) Also you probably have a lots of jars in your home. Perfect it’s easy and cheap made a Christmas gift with them. Decorate the jars with special Christmas stickers or with acrylic pens. You can fill the jar with lots of gifts, for example: a bean soup mix using a variety of legumes or homemade vegan cookie mix. Also maple vanilla granola or hot chocolate mix… very delicious!

3) Go to your local organic store and make a special gift basket with a vegan selection of dried fruits and vegetable snacks and nuts. Be sure all the gourmet foods are free of animal by-products and include only plant-based ingredients.

4) Hand make a vegan candle like soy candle. It’s easy and can give the recipient reason to relax. Or give a coupon for a massage/treatments.

5) Give cosmetics that are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. Last year I gave friends and family Lush products as they are fantastic for men, women and children. Also I suggest you look for Dr. Bronners Magic soap-- the company makes products for personal hygiene and also to clean the house in a good and green way.

6) If your veggie-lover loves to cook, foods gadgets are the way to go like a vetetable steamer, rice cooker, food processor or cooking utensil set. Or give him a coupon for a vegan course: there a lot of vegan chefs who organized inexpensive courses in a vegan bar/restaurant.

7) For anyone who enjoys cooking or anyone who want more veggie ideas, vegan cookbooks and magazine are an excellent source of inspiration.  Or if you want to protect the forest give a Kindle.

8) So your brother or sister are fashion victims? Give them gifts of compassionate fashion with no-leather shoes, belts, and bags. Of if you don't know their tastes well, give a gift card to a vegan outfitter.

9) Protect children from harmful chemicals and toxins by choosing natural toys made from organic cotton, wood, and other environmental and child friendly sources.

10) Give an abandoned pets a new home. Many animal sanctuary's have sponsorships available. By adopting a farm animal your family wil help provide their food, shelter and veterinary costs. Adoptions can be made in a gift-recipient’s name and the recipient will receive information about their adopted pet including picture, story and details about his life. Also it’s possible to adopt a tree and save the planet, or contribute to save the park in your city.

Aurora Mirabella | @auroramirabella
Aurora lives in Italy where she works for a water supplies society and is studying law at the university. She serves as the administrator to the Vegan Italian Facebook Group and recently started a blog about simpler living and vegan lifestyle. Follow Aurora on Facebook.

Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/29638108@N06