27 December 2011

Goats give miraculous birth at Christmas

No Christmas would be complete without a miraculous birth and this year, two of Farm Sanctuary’s newest residents can claim the distinction. The organization, which shelters animals rescued from commercial farms and has a location in New York and California, recently took in a mother goat and newborn baby who were destined for slaughter. The mother goat, who was considered a “spent” milking goat, had been taken to a Binghamton slaughter house but was rerouted to the sanctuary after the facility’s owner realized she had given birth.

Melissa Hayes, a local Binghamton veterinarian, contacted the Farm Sanctuary after her relative, who owned the slaughterhouse, called her to ask if she take the mother and baby goat off of his hands. Hayes said after he witnessed the birth and the “tender devotion between the mother goat and her child,” he decided to ask for Hayes’ help finding a good home for the pair.

“I immediately called Farm Sanctuary,” says Hayes, who first became acquainted with the organization as a veterinary student at nearby Cornell University, where many of Farm Sanctuary’s animal residents are treated following rescue and throughout their lives. “As a student, I helped treat some of their rescued animals and I was deeply touched by their commitment to protecting these often overlooked animals from cruelty. Whether it was pigs who had fallen off a transport truck or an elderly steer with arthritis, Farm Sanctuary was always there to comfort these animals and prove that their lives matter.”

Farm Sanctuary’s National Shelter Director Susie Coston said that goats are very affectionate, social creatures who crave the intimacy of their family members just as humans do. She said the sanctuary was “overjoyed” to be able to keep the mother goat and her baby alive and together just as nature meant them to be. Amazingly, when Farm Sanctuary arrived at the slaughterhouse last week, they found that a second mother goat had given birth to a baby. The owner allowed that pair to leave with sanctuary officials, as well. The second baby was born premature, however, and both mother and baby are very sick and need medical attention. They are being treated at Cornell University Animal Hospital.

To financially help with their care, please go to www.farmsanctuary.org and click on Get Involved (donate now). Farm Sanctuary’s shelters in New York and California provide lifelong care for nearly 1,000 rescued farm animals. For more information, please visit www.farmsanctuary.org.

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Photo credit: Farm Sanctuary