08 December 2011

Documentary Trailer: Meet Irene An Unlikely Vegan

It has taken fifty-something odd years of life, but Irene is finally fed-up. Who knew that the baby boomers would end up aging? Our parents are older and need us now. Our children are grown, but just won't leave. We have aches, and pains, and mortgages, and worries of all types. Our width-to-height ratio insists on its creeping approach to one, and it isn't the "one with the universe" we were hoping to have achieved by now.

Irene has decided that enough is enough. She is sick and tired of being sick and tired and is ready for change in a big way. If the state of the world today is what we have made of it, then the state of Irene may also be of her own making. Speaking of "one with the universe" if the new environmentalism is all about the food we eat, maybe our health is too.

Irene thinks so. Irene has decided to become a vegan!

AN UNLIKELY VEGAN is a documentary about Irene, the state of her health, the power of her wit, and her resolve as she embarks on the 21-day VEGAN Kickstart, promoted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). We follow Irene from the moment she discusses her plan with her medical doctor. We go grocery shopping with her, We watch her learn new recipes. We see how she manages at restaurants, and at the office. We hear what her doctor tells her as she progresses through the Kickstart, and we see how her friends and family react. Through Irene's experience, we see that she is not such AN UNLIKELY VEGAN, and perhaps neither are we.

Post by GRYPHON media productions