12 December 2011

Chained wolf dogs rescued from tourist attraction in Alaska

Twenty-nine wolf dogs held by eight-foot chains around their necks full of open sores and used as “tourist attraction” have been rescued by IFAW (The International Fund for Animal Welfare www.ifaw.org) in collaboration with LARC and transported to their new home at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in Frazier Park, California.

The dogs were found in Palmer, Alaska in a substandard breeding facility, where the owner fed them once every four days and, once winter set in, left them to drink out of the soiled fallen snow.

Most of these dogs are considered to be high-content hybrids, meaning they have a lot of wolf in them and some of them appear to be pure wolves, according to the rescuers.

Wolf dogs, wild at heart, present significant challenges in captivity. However there are an estimated 300,000 wolf dogs in North America and sadly they still continue to be bred and sold as pets.

Marietta Alfaro
Marietta's passion: animals; Her heroes: those who put their own lives on line to save others; Her lifestyle: vegan; Marietta's dream: animal rights-equal rights to life!

Photo credit: IFAW/S. Cook