05 December 2011

Vegan online store Ethical Ocean partners with Chloe Jo Davis

Recently, vegan fashion designer, Chloe Jo Davis, the founder of GirlieGirl Army, a large online community for vegan fashion lovers, has opened an online store partnered with cruelty-free shopping site, Ethical Ocean.

“My career is all about helping people in their journey to live a life that is gentler on the planet, without sacrificing fun and beauty,” Chloe commented. “I’ve chosen to partner with Ethical Ocean after being asked to launch a webstore for years because I like what they are about. They have their hearts in the right place, and I want to support fashion that has soul, consciousness and compassion behind it.”

The new online shop offers beautiful pieces from ethical clothing designers and brands from the United States and Canada. Chloe’s careful personal selection of each piece displayed on the site shows in the gorgeous vegan shoes, makeup and handbags. Designers Olsen Haus, Cri de Coeur, MATT & NAT and Dirty Librarian Chains, as well as cosmetics company Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, are all represented on the site.

As with every item on the Ethical Ocean website, it is easy to spot the cruelty-free claims on each piece in Chloe’s storefront. Ethical Ocean carefully chooses each of its environmental and animal friendly products with vegan standards in mind and displays the ethical claims of each item so that individuals can easily decide if a product meets their personal standards.

According to Ethical Ocean CEO, Chad Hamre, Chloe’s designs and personal values fit perfectly with the company’s goals.

“Chloe was one of the first to call on the fashion industry to get more green and we’re thrilled to be partnering with her,” he said. “As an ethical advocate, entrepreneur, and a vocal and respected member of the fashion community, she’s able to show people how their purchasing choices impact the world.”

Chloe’s new storefront, and the entire Ethical Ocean site, make it easy and fun to find eco-friendly and cruelty-free clothing, accessories and gifts without sacrificing style and elegance this holiday season.

Lexi Carr
Lexi is a student studying Fashion Merchandising with minors in Business Administration and Writing. This spring, she’s beginning yoga teacher training and hopes to start teaching by the summer. Lexi has been a vegetarian for four years and loves finding new healthy recipes and sharing them with friends and family.

Photo credit: Ethical Ocean