15 November 2011

Top 10 reasons to skip the turkey this Thanksgiving

Lori's Top Ten Reasons to Skip the Turkey this Year

1. You are what you eat. When you choose to eat foods that nourish your body AND soul (not ones that contain the energy of suffering and cruelty they endured) you will feel extraordinary.

2. You will have more room on your plate for all the other good stuff, like this and this.

3. You can have an extra glass of wine without falling into the turkey-induced slumber.

4. It might stimulate some VERY interesting conversation at your dinner table.

5. You will set an example that may create a ripple effect and save hundreds of animals' lives.

6. You won't have to choose between the "light or dark meat"... that's a really gross question when you think about it anyway!

7. You will give your body a reprieve from gobs of cholesterol, saturated fats, and hormones. Turkey is NOT a health food. Turkey is loaded with fat and cholesterol, and it has zero fiber. Turkey is also frequently tainted with salmonella and campylobacter bacteria.

8. Less calories at dinner leaves more calories for dessert!

9. Dining sans animals ensures that the food on your plate wasn't stuck in a filthy, cramped shed for its entire life, standing in its own waste, with its toes and beak cut off and never being able to stretch its wings open. Does that sound like something to celebrate?

10. You will be doing a tremendous service for the environment. The bodily wastes produced by turkeys and other animals raised for meat production are 130 times greater than the bodily wastes of the entire American population.

Although I guarantee that you will still have a ridiculously delicious feast when you leave the turkey off your plate, Thanksgiving isn't about the food anyway. It's about gratitude.

By the way, if you still want to spend that money you have been putting aside for the holiday turkey, why not adopt one instead?!

Lori Zito | @LoriZito
Lori is an animal-loving, life-loving vegan who is passionate about spreading the message of better health through a vegan diet. She works as a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, a yoga instructor, and a physical therapist. Learn more at her website Live In The Balance and follow her on Facebook.

Photo credit:cc: flickr.com/photos/suckamc