28 November 2011

Foster a pet for the holidays through Petfinder.com

Petfinder.com has launched its "Foster a Lonely Pet For the Holidays" program. Created in 2009 as a way to spread awareness about fostering while preventing unnecessary euthanization of animals, this concept was based on Greg Kincaid's book and movie "A Dog Named Christmas." The parable behind this film? You guessed it: a young man attempts to make a difference in his community through an "adopt a dog for Christmas program."

Betsy Banks Saul, the co-founder of Petfinder.com has this to say, "Many people do not realize just how important fostering is among the animal welfare community. Animal shelters across North America have to euthanize adoptable pets simply because they are overcrowded. However, by fostering, people can give pets a place to stay while they wait for their forever home."

The ultimate goal is to empty shelters from Christmas Eve through New Years Day. Not only will the animals enjoy some well-deserved family time while having their lives saved, the shelter employees and volunteers will also enjoy a well-deserved break through the holidays.

Petfinder.com has achieved over 17 million adoptions since its launch in 1996. In addition to the adoption process, its website offers a plethora of information ranging from pet health and care to adoption information. In addition, videos are available that provide tips on a variety of topics such as litter training, traveling with your pet, and introducing an adopted to their new home.

Whether you are a pet owner or not, this website is a must see, full of useful information for animal lovers alike.

Consider fostering a pet through this holiday season and if you are unable to, pass the word along to your friends, family, and co-workers.

To find local shelters and rescue organizations, check out the program's web page.
Visit Petfinder.com and follow the organization on Twitter and Facebook.

Laeticia Butler | @Vegwritingmomma
After suffering with health issues for two years, Laeticia became a vegan and was able to go from barely walking to running 5Ks. During her life change she developed a newfound love and respect for animals and works hard to teach her son why we don't eat them. Follow Laeticia on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit:Petfinder.com