31 October 2011

Yoga instructor and animal advocate pens children's book 'I Am Everything and Everything is Me'

Erica Settino, co-founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, Karuna For Animals: Compassion In Action, Inc. and writer here at This Dish Is Veg, has penned her first children's book titled "I Am Everything and Everything Is Me." Not only a passionate animal advocate, Settino is also a registered yoga instructor.

Settino has said of yoga, "It is for me a touchstone for grace, a prayer with my whole body, and a process of progression; so that any and all good I receive may be to the benefit of all beings" and this book draws on that sentiment completely.

"I Am Everything and Everything is Me" follows a young girl named Sara who wakes one morning, steps outside and, as she feels the warm sun shining down upon her, she realizes that she is one with the sun. Sara journeys into the woods near her home where she comes across many different creatures. With each meeting, she poses her body to match the creature and develops a greater realization of the connection she has with earth.

The book is beautifully written -- Settino's love of animals, nature and all living things is present and shines through with each turn of the page. The words flow gracefully and the story line will be appreciated by any animal lover or yoga practitioner, who can, in turn, share it with the children in their life.

Click here to purchase "I am Everything and Everything is Me."  To learn more about Erica Settino's organization visit www.karunaforanimals.com.

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Daelyn is the co-founder and managing director of the animal rights and eco-friendly news source, This Dish Is Veg. In addition to her work at TDIV, Daelyn homeschools her three daughters.

Photo credit: "I Am Everything and Everything Is Me"