12 October 2011

Vegetarian Veggie Patch Chik'n Nuggets -- a hit with the kids

My 3 kids love their nuggets. Unfortunately for them, things are changing around here and I've been looking for natural and better ingredients for our favorite foods. When given the opportunity to try Veggie Patch products, I had a hard time narrowing down my choices. I picked the chik'n nuggets knowing if I could convince my children that they were good, I was golden.

The first test was convincing my very picky 3 year old that these were indeed delicious. I tried to downplay them, just popped them in the oven and served them along side ketchup like it was any other meal. After scarfing them down he immediately asked for more. Absolutely!!

The next test was with my 6 and 9 year olds. They came home from school and I left some on a baking sheet, they walked by, grabbed one and said, "Wow! These are the best nuggets!" and "We need to buy more of these!"

Well said, kids, well said.

I've never been a fan of traditional nuggets, but these are really delicious! They are crispy on the outside, "meaty" on the inside and I love that they are made with all natural ingredients.

From the Veggie Patch website:
At Veggie Patch, we know that just because you're choosing to make your meal meatless, you still want something that tastes great and satisfies your craving and your stomach. That's why we've worked hard to develop a wide variety of inspired vegetable creations that are delicious, healthy and convenient. We also recognize that fresh vegetables provide optimum nutrition, but they're not always readily available and kids won't always eat them. Veggie Patch products offer a delicious alternative to plain vegetables in a form that kids and families alike can enjoy, making it quick and easy to serve meals and snacks that everyone will love.

Along with the chik'n nuggets, Veggie Patch offers other vegetable based products, such as
spinach nuggets, falafal balls, broccoli bites with cheese, meatless meatballs, and many others.

If you see these in your grocer's freezer or cooler (near the produce and tofu items), pick some up for yourself and your kids. You won't be disappointed!

Jen Pabst | @Jen_foodfamfit
Jen is a stay-at-home mom of three and the author of the blog foodfamilyfitness.com. She is currently a flexitarian; she prefers meatless meals, but hasn’t fully embraced the vegetarian lifestyle, yet. Jen enjoys writing about all aspects of healthy living, food and fitness. In her spare time she enjoys photography and aspires to be a runner and compete in marathons one day.

Photo credit: veggiepatch.com