26 October 2011

Mercy For Animals launches pro-vegetarian commercials to air on MTV

Mercy for Animals (MFA), a non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to ending animal cruelty, is launching a new pro-vegetarian ad campaign to be aired on MTV and other select networks.

The three advertisements show people in everyday meat-eating situations, who suddenly notice their food is bleeding -- perhaps symbolizing the moment of realization of factory farming's cruelty.

From Mercy For Animals:

The first in the series of three provocative ads features a woman pulling up to a fast-food drive-through window to grab her lunch. She reaches for her cheeseburger, and blood begins to gush from her bag and onto her hands. As she gasps in horror and disgust, shocking images of animals crammed into filthy cages, crying out in pain, flash through her mind. Only the impatient honk from the car behind her breaks her trance. As she drives away, she is visibly moved by what she has just experienced and viewers are asked to “Help End Animal Cruelty: Choose Vegetarian.”

Equally powerful, the second ad features a high school student in a lunch line, who notices blood dripping from his tray as he slides it along the stainless steel lunch counter, picking up stale chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. The shocked teen is then confronted with images of a moaning calf, half-dead in a feces-encrusted box, a mother pig desperately biting the bars of her tiny gestation crate and panicked egg-laying hens frantically scrambling over each other in a tiny wire battery cage.

The final ad follows a woman into the meat aisle at a grocery store. As she casually picks up a cellophane-wrapped package of animal flesh and begins to put it in her shopping cart, she notices blood dripping from her hands. Gripping scenes of factory farm and slaughterhouse footage captured by MFA undercover investigations follow. This time, the horrified woman is snapped back to reality by the screech of the store intercom calling for “Clean up in the meat department” – the voice of Steve-O.

“These powerful ads bring consumers face-to-face with the animals who are confined, mutilated, and killed before reaching their plates,” says Nathan Runkle, MFA's executive director. "This important campaign seeks to inspire a whole new generation of young people to adopt a compassionate vegetarian diet.”

Watch the commercial below. Warning: Contains mildly graphic imagery.

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Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: Screenshot